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Torrid Track...
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Brynne. My Bonita.
She is my ruination.

If the Knight’s Legion MC’s president wasn’t my best friend or the VP wasn't my father, I’d be insignificant, a nobody. Just a broken man lurking in the shadows, watching the world go by. Nobody truly knows me until a gorgeous woman with soulful, whiskey-colored eyes looks into mine.

Brynne Gallo sees who I am and wants me regardless of my scars and hidden kinks. One night is all it takes to know she is my soul mate and the catalyst of my undoing. We belong together.

But my Bonita doesn’t know what I know…she’s my step-sister. When she discovers the truth about her parents, can she forgive me for deceiving her? And will my club and my father take me back after betraying their trust?

No matter what anyone believes, our torrid love is real. I won’t let Brynne go.

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