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Hustler's Hope...
now available!

What they say is true, only abstinence is a sure thing.

It was only three unforgettable encounters.
Still, what the biker doesn't know won't hurt him.
A sinful dirty talker, who calls me Nurse Naughty, isn’t daddy material.
Or is he?

When the truth comes out in the emergency room, Hustler claims me on the spot.
He won’t take “not in this lifetime” for an answer.
Can a bad boy, girl-chasing biker be trusted?

I don’t stand a chance when the Knight family worms their way into my heart.
They show me family is everything and prove it when my life is in danger.

Hustler goes to the ends of the earth for me and the baby.
But is love, loyalty, and family enough to keep me around?
Can Hustler slay my fears and give me hope for the future?

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